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Web Hosting Server Status

If you're having issues with your website or emails, this server status page is designed to show if any of our servers are down right now.
Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers from Summit Web Solutions

We all want our websites to up 100% of the time. But sometimes, the machines have other ideas. We work hard both during and out of hours to keep our servers running as well as possible for you.

If a server has gone down, we usually know about it but this status page should help you to know whether all our servers are running, or whether you may have an issue your end. If you have any issues with your web hosting, please do get in touch with us.

#Server URLIP AddressStatus
Server 1ns1.summitwebsolutions.net178.18.113.195Server Up! [Code 200]
Server Up! [Code 200]
Server Up! [Code 200]
Server Up! [Code 200]

What the Icons Mean

Server Up Server is up and your site returns either code 200 (which means the hosting server and site are fine) or code 301/302 (the home page redirects somewhere).

Server is fine, but your website has errors Server is probably fine, but something in your code or database is preventing the site from loading.

Web hosting server is probably down Web Hosting Server is probably down and we are almost certainly looking into it for you.

We can also create a bespoke package for your business - so contact us to let us help you find a web hosting solution which suits your requirements.

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