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Your Privacy, Cookies & Analytics

Prvacy Policy: How we handle your information, cookies and Analytics

Here at Summit Web Solutions in Inverness, we do not make use of any personally identifiable information unless you choose to provide it. Here are our policies, which apply to our main website at

Information You Provide

We only receive personal information such as

  • Names
  • E-mail Addresses
  • Home Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers

if you choose to give us this information, for example by direct e-mail or telephone contact or by filling out a form, or a comments box on a blog post.

This information is only used to make direct contact with you. We do not:-

  • Pass on your details to third parties without your explicit consent
  • Subscribe you to third party services, e-mail lists etc.
  • Sell your information to any other party.

We do, occasionally send client-wide e-mails to inform them of important developments or updates. You can at any time request not to receive such e-mails and we will ensure that your request is honoured.

How We Store Your Data

Your information is stored on local machines which are password protected and safely stored. Some information is backed up to 'cloud storage', which again requires a confidential password.

Destruction of Your Data

If we are no longer in regular contact with you we allow a delay before permanently destroying any information we hold on you. If you are regularly in contact with us or are a current client we retain your information.

Should you wish us to remove your data simply e-mail We reserve the right to hold onto e-mail communications with you for up to five years for our own records and protection.

Information You Do Not Provide

We do not use any information gained from your use of this website in order to allow us or any other party to advertise their products or service to you.

Analytics and 'Cookies'

This site currently collects Anonymous data via third party service Google Analytics. You can read Google's Privacy Policy here.

This information is used:-

  • Only by authorised employees or owners of Summit Web Solutions
  • To understand our website's visitors in order for us to help provide a better service and information to our site's visitors.
  • To help us to encourage only relevant visitors to our website in the first place.

We do not clutter our website with advertising anyway and so will not and cannot use this information to sell you anything.

Current EU Law on Permission

As we do not use session information, cookies or tracking for the purposes of advertising we do not need you to provide explicit permission for us to use this information. You can choose to block all cookies and Analytics from this site if you want and your experience of our website will not be hindered in anyway.

Social Media Sharing

It may be that the buttons provided by Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus set cookies on your system. You are under no obligation to click these buttons to share our content. Please see each individual social media site for their privacy policies regarding cookies and their usage.

Such usage may be:

  • To ensure only one 'like' is counted once
  • To show which of your friends/followers may already have shared the content
  • To change button appearance in the event of you already having shared that content

We at Summit Web Solutions do not directly access these cookies, nor use them to recommend other content to you, or to serve you advertisments.


Cookies are very small text files which are stored on your own computer and are used to help us to understand our repeat visitors' interactions with our site and to ensure we don't count your visit more than once - i.e. to ensure our data is reliable.

You are free to alter your browser's settings at any time in order to prevent third-party cookies from being stored on your computer.

You are free at any time to delete/clear all cookies from your system.


If you have any questions regarding your privacy or the data we collect here at mOxby Design, please get in touch, e-mail us at or call 01463 237937.

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