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Quality, user-centric content is a key part of any Internet Marketing Campaign. Speak to us today about Article / copywriting or Content Creation
Your own site content should be unique and anywhere else you publish should add value. Let our article / copywriting service support your business.

User-centric, high quality content is a key part of any Internet Marketing Campaign. How are you harnessing content into your strategy?

Unique Content is Essential for SEO

If your site copy is similar to other webites, then you will struggle to rank. This is particularly true of e-commerce websites as product descriptions are hard to re-write. But regardless of your type of business you must own and protect your own content.

Since Google began its Panda Updates, it began to rank down sites which offered little to no unique value. To stand out you must add value to the web. To rank well in SEO your content, blogs and articles need to stand out.

What about Press Releases, Articles and Blogs for Other Sites?

Before you write a press release or article, ask yourself why other sites should publish that content. Worthwhile sites which could publish your content are more discerning and, quite rightly, have a strong editorial and approval process. If you don't have time to write a high quality article, then you may get rebuffed when trying to ask for it to be published.

This means, whether you're writing for yourself, or for other websites and communities you must invest time and resources into each piece of content.

Copywriting Invaluable to Content Marketing

Using a combination of on-site and off-site content, you can create a content marekting strategy, which can fit perfectly into a data-driven SEO Campaign or any other Internet Marketing strategy.

This can be crafting in-depth articles, designing an Infographic or Slideshow or coupling your content with existing business videos you have. It is not just about producing more content, but producing great content for the right reasons - to be useful to users and to help drive traffic and sales. That's why it is called content marketing!

Ask about our Content Creation Services

We have worked for companies around the UK, advising on SEO and Content Creation for many years. Let's work with you to keep your content unique, compelling and ensure any articles you put out add value to the Internet as a whole, improve your traffic and help your conversion rate.

Let's Get You Known on the Web - for all the right reasons! Let us help you with your copywriting and build your web presence.

Let's Get You Known on the Web
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